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Anthony’s Hearthfire Grill

Great view? Check. Good atmosphere? Indeed. Amazing tacos? Weeeeell…

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There are reasons to dislike Hearthfire, but I wouldn’t go as far as naming the taco one of them. One might feel a little dirty going here due to Anthony’s proprietorship, but the aforementioned view and atmosphere sort of make up for it.

Get deck seating and you will be hard-pressed finding a better view than the straight-on glory of the Olympic Mountains. I could probably get into a whole thing about preferring a local establishment to a chain restaurant, but this is the world we live in, so let’s all just carry on.

The taco. It’s not horrible. I’ve had worse. It’s not one a tortilla aficionado will swoon over, but then, when you go for the view and an inoffensive meal (quite probably with out-of-town guests) it will at least soothe your cravings for a while.

Based around charred sirloin steak, the taco comes wrapped in a perfectly average corn tortilla. I’m a little saddened they didn’t go with the more traditional two-tortilla base, but what can you do? That aside, the cabbage is actually the stand-out of the show, adding just a light kick of acidity. Props, too, for the pinch of basil on top — very avant-garde.

There isn’t a whole lot more to say about the taco. Not really. Although, do notice the singular use of taco. Steak Taco Combo is a bit of a misnomer. My assumption would be a combo of two tacos1, but instead, the name refers to the accompanying tomato basil soup. That would be OK in theory, had it not been for the sodium-bath the soup is.

I wouldn’t bring anyone to Hearthfire to wow them over Olympia’s cuisine, but the view is hard to beat. It is somewhat of a destination in that sense. Even inside, you have huge windows pointing toward the mountains. That could just be the differentiator to make up for an inoffensive meal, but then, should you rather decide to explore the culinary avenues of life, you probably will want something more.

1 You can get an additional taco for a whopping $3 extra.